Day 148/365 – On Norway



Besides the experience of staying at the gorgeous Juvet hotel (see last post), there are a number of hikes in the immediate area, and a 10-minute drive away there are amazing viewpoints and a breathtaking winding snake-road at Trollstigen. As is apparently a common sport and pastime, Norwegians were walking up hills with their skis (by putting furs on the bottoms) and skiing down the vast untouched snowy mountains. Wow, I can’t even imagine the rush!

We stopped by the town of Alesund on the way back and hiked up to the viewpoint on top of their mountain and down to their town center. It was gorgeous, with cute homes and backyards, yachts and ships, parks and families walking around on a Sunday. It seems the Norwegians have got the work-life-nature balance down very well, because even their cities have plenty of flowers and plant life within an urban space. The food is fantastic, fresh and filled with nutrients. It’s expensive, but you get what you pay for! It seems the Norwegians value their health and pay it forward by investing in green technologies (electric cars, etc.), physical activity and fresh nutritious food.

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