Day 116/365 – On networking


I hate networking events. I’m an introvert (mostly) and shy, and get uncomfortable when I have to introduce and ‘market’ myself to others. But, it seems like one of those things that get better with practice. I recently went to an event for Brooklyn’s young entrepreneurs, in a beautiful space atBerry Park in Williamsburg. The event is aptly called “Brooklyn’s Biggest Professional Networking Affair” – all artists, game-changers, and startups of any kind welcome!

Anyway, besides the beautifully enchanting, dimly-lit, brick-wall exposed, trendy atmosphere of the place, the turnout of the crowd could not be more perfect. The brilliant idea of the organizers to have everyone sport nametags with their names and industry made it easy to navigate the sea of faces. There were people directly and indirectly involved with health, wellness, beauty, motivation, events, and small businesses – all of which fit my needs. Coming away from the event, I was impressed with the organizers, the attendees, and most importantly – with myself for putting myself out there! The next event will be held on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 at Hotel Wythe. See you Brooklynites there?




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