Day 92/365 – On warming herbs


To help deal with the changing weather, we can use some herbal support to boost our blood circulation and keep the chill of early spring at bay. Here are some of my favorite herbs to use for warmth and circulation:

  1. Rosemary leaf: useful for circulation, and nootropic (affinity for brain) – making it a superb mental stimulant for clarity of thought and memory boosting.

  2. Hawthorn leaf: great for microcirculation for Raynaud’s syndrome – gets down to the extremities! I can really feel the absence of this in my tea, as I’m much colder without it!

  3. Ginger root (rhizome): warming and drying, good for that damp chilly weather. Also great to boost digestion. Fresh is milder, dry is quite drying (makes sense…).

  4. Cayenne: just need a dash of this in your food or tea for an extreme boost to circulation! Great addition to chocolate (if making your own), or hot cocoa (with dash of salt..mmm). Also used topically in a carrier oil (olive, jojoba, or any other oil) applied to soles of feet and covered with warm socks.

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