Rejoicing in a Time of Social Distancing and Quarantine

I know it’s tough right now, to heed social distancing and quarantine warnings. With spring weather creeping in, the sights and sounds of nature and wildlife are beckoning us more and more each day.

It’s almost too hard to resist rejoicing with the natural world, due to the circumstances. But the risk IS real, so keeping the distance is the lesser of two evils at this time.

It’s up to us as individuals to curb the risk for those in our society that are in the high-risk group for negative outcomes (people with comorbidities, such as heart conditions or asthma). Sometimes, when our personal responsibility risk is not enough of a motivator, “authority figures” such as local and state governments have to step in and create laws and regulations, and even ways to enforce regulations.

My own co-op building has imposed a hefty fine for people within the building seen without personal protection equipment (masks and gloves). Although this is bothersome on some level, I do understand the need for these regulations – and they certainly help achieve the desired effect (i.e. decreasing risk of spreading COVID!).

However, you can still rejoice while keeping yourself and others safe! Here are some things you can do to celebrate the good things still left to enjoy:

1. Express gratitude. Nothing adds to a personal level of happiness and fulfillment more than counting your existing blessings. Say grace at mealtimes, keep a gratitude journal, and really feel the joy in your heart for the good things you already have in life. Heck, just the idea of being alive is your number one asset to be thankful for!

2. Go out in [secluded] nature. Think a local field or park that tends to be uncrowded, or your own backyard or balcony/terrace, if that’s available to you. I’m fortunate to live near a park which has vast fields and tends to be pretty secluded, a plus for social distancing! Otherwise, grab a mask and gloves and just take a walk around the block, strategically keeping space between yourself and passers-by.

3. Socialize virtually! You don’t need a fancy barista or trendy bar to set the scene and have a tet-a-tet. Schedule a time, dress-up and cozy up next to your screen of choice. Sip some vino or virgin cocktails, or even grab a hot beverage like your coffee or tea du jour, and video-chat with your friends and loved ones.

4. Another thing you can do while isolated at home, is take the opportunity to learn something! Catch up on your interests and hobbies, and recruit your kids and family into the fun too!

Zoom and other video conferencing platforms have become real heroes in both the workplace and social scene. Online businesses in general have experienced a boom now, so they can step in and support our current economy, yay! When a door closes a window opens, after all.

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