Build Your Holistic Herbal Practice

Immersion into Herbalism & Business Strategy 2 in 1 Group Mastermind

6 Month Online Course

ATTENTION: Burned out pharmacists that are unfulfilled in their jobs, and underwhelmed by allopathic pharmaceutical medicine

Traditional wisdom has withstood the test of time – and is freely accessible to all!

Introducing Build Your Holistic Herbal Practice…a 6 month container that walks you through the foundations of herbal medicine and helps you integrate it seamlessly into a startup business or into an existing practice.

Imagine what it would be like to…

Wake up with more energy, vitality and satisfaction than ever

Be eager to participate in your life and work

Feel autonomous and self-sufficient in caring for yourself and others

Have clarity and confidence in providing health services to clients

Enjoy the income to support the lifestyle you desire

And be completely self sufficient when it comes to health decisions…

Now imagine what it would be like to accomplish those things easily.

You CAN with the proper science-backed education, action steps, and accountability partners.

Everyone needs a coach in their corner who will help cut out the legwork and give you a roadmap that ACTUALLY reaps results.

That’s why you’re going to love the Build Your Holistic Herbal Practice Program.

As a pharmacist, you CAN advocate for plant medicine, which has withstood the test of time!

Meaning you can stop wasting your hard earned skills and slaving away at a job that doesn’t support your values, to support a lifestyle you don’t even enjoy.

Are you fed up by being stuck between doctors’ orders and insurance reimbursements?

Stop the cycle and learn how to become self-sufficient. 

Tired of feeling like you are not making a real difference?

I’ll help you advocate for your patients, to be able to deprescribe for good and give valuable alternatives instead.

By Building Your Holistic Herbal Practice (HHP), say YES to being the master of your health, work, vocation, and life.

Say Good-bye to doubt, guilt, and guesswork

I will address all of your most pressing concerns about natural medicine and promise to work diligently to provide the support you need to take action

If You can use online video software,

You can hop on a virtual session with me, your dedicated mentor and coach

The Build Your HHP program presents concepts in an organized systematic approach, turning the abstract to the applied in a way that’s both logical and intuitive.

Manifest your HHP with just 3 simple steps:

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  2. Sign the client contract. Don’t worry! It’s completely confidential and secure, and serves to protect your rights as a client AND guarantees satisfaction (more on this in a bit).
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If you can click a link, you can view and save all the program materials weekly, and join our Zoom calls. Plus, I send reminders so you save it to your calendar and don’t miss your sessions!


Build Your Holistic Herbal Practice,


6 services in one well rounded package

  • Access to a pharmacist, health coach, functional nutritionist and herbalist in ONE DEDICATED PRACTITIONER
  • Trainings in customizing meal, exercise, mindfulness, and herbal protocols for yourself and your clients
  • Quality mentorship and action steps to build your business/practice, one step at a time
  • A mastermind community of like-minded professionals, which serve as accountability partners to help you reach your goals 
  • Opportunities to build your network, and create residual income from affiliate partnerships
  • And most importantly… control over your own health, career and income

But that’s not all…

Put a deposit to hold your spot in HHP within the next 4 days, and you’ll also receive a special bonus!

-2 VIP calls with me, 30 minutes each = $800 value!!

-BONUS training PDF’s (Ayurveda, Western American Herbalism, TCM) = $500 value!

The Syllabus for the 2 in 1 Build Your Holistic Herbal Practice Course

6 Month Online Program

**Early Bird Special: 2 one:one 30 minute calls with me**

This program is for medical professionals who want to start a holistic wellness business that incorporates plant medicine. It will give you the basic knowledge and understanding on how to procure and use herbs, how they interact within the body, and how to incorporate them into a holistic wellness routine for yourself and your clients. In addition, it will teach you the steps of setting up your business structure and gain the confidence and clarity to run it!

Program Features:

  • Jump start your holistic/herbal biz with mentorship, education and support from peers!
  • Weekly education, action steps, and group calls with mastermind group like-minded peers and professionals
    • Each week get access to a pre-recorded and live lecture
    • Hour-long calls each week with group to discuss lecture and answer questions
  • Get paired with accountability partner to complete assignments each week, to keep you on track with goals
    • Get a surprise guest in the pharmacy/herbal business
    • Other Special Bonuses to come!


Week 1: Intro + Fundamentals
-Intro/philosophy, main tenets of herbalism: PDF handout, video file 

-History of Medicine Slide Decks – Bonus

Week 2:  Classification systems

-Herbal actions: PDF handout 

-Energetics PDF

  • TCM – patterns of disharmony
  • Ayurveda – doshas
  • Western American – Tissue state

Week 3: Business Basics

Setting up your Biz

-Forming LLC – PDF

-Structure/services (Pyramid, Calculating desired income) – PDF

Week 4: Basic Botany

-Plant families – PDF handout

-ID guides + resources

Week 5: Digestive + Skin

-Digestive PPT

-Skin PPT

-Calendula PPT

Week 6: Medicine Making/Physiognomy
Medicine Making PPT



Week 7: Using the body as a map for diagnosis

-Face-reading, tongue, and pulse reading PDF

Week 8: Bone Health

-Bones PPT

-Bone health PDF


Week 10: Muscles + Inflammation

-Muscles PPT

-Pain and inflammation PPT

Week 11: Immune system/Intake

-Immune system PPT

-Immune herb PDF

Week 12: Conducting an  intake + Law

-Sharing examples of intake forms, assessments, patient recommendations, and legal disclaimers

-Legal considerations PDF

Week 13: Cardio 

-Cardiovascular, Lyme

– Hawthorn MM

Week 14: Respiratory 

-Respiratory system

-Respiratory herb PDF

-Schisandra berry PPT

Week 15: Phytochemistry
-Phytochemistry PPT

Week 16: Mindset + Branding

-Building a brand + niching down PDF

-Mindset and confidence practices PDF


Week 18: Nervous+Mental Health

-Brain Chemistry PPT

-Herbs for stress PDF

Week 19: Male+Female

-Female cycle, fertility, menopause PPT

-Male PPT

-Raspberry leaf MM

-Urinary PDF

Week 20: Business of Herbalism

-Tour of Radicle Herb Shop – video

-Herbal Practice Considerations – PDF or slides

-Legal questions – PDF

Week 21: Thyroid health

-Hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, autoimmune conditions – PPT

Week 22: Adrenals + Insulin

-Adaptogens PPT

-Blood glucose metabolism/Diabetes PDF

Week 23: Endocannabinoid

-Endocannabinoid system PPT

-Cannabis MM PDF

Week 24: Marketing

-Cold outreach, using social media, SEO – PDF

Week 25:

-Final Call, Exit Interviews

-Student Presentations

The Build Your Holistic Herbal Practice 6 Month Program


If you had to pay for these services a la carte, you’d need to enroll in at least 3 different courses or hire individual educators and business coaches, manage your schedule between all of these programs and likely spend way more money and time than what I’m proposing here. And, after all of that, chances are that you won’t receive the comprehensive knowledge and support that I provide.

So to recap you get:

-Weekly recorded trainings + associated slide decks and PDF handouts (~1.5-2 hours of content weekly) x 25 weeks = $5000 value

-Weekly LIVE mastermind group calls with me, getting your questions answered, and personal attention and accountability from myself and the other participants = $5000 value

-30+ detailed Herbal Materia Medica PDF’s of most commonly referenced herbs = $700 value

-Action steps and homework to help build your business and hone your herbal skills = $2000

-Support on the calls and in the group to help you with application of theory and business strategy = $2500

***EARLY BIRD SPECIAL, when booking or placing deposit within 4 days of offer: 

-2 VIP calls with me, 30 minutes each = $800 value!!

-BONUS training PDF’s (Ayurveda, Western American Herbalism, TCM) = $450 value!

TOTAL VALUE = $16,500

But you won’t be paying anywhere near that!

Because I want to make it affordable so that more people can benefit, it’s available at a discounted rate for a limited time.

Ready to Build Your Holistic Herbal Practice in 6 Months TODAY?

And finally, to really sweeten the deal – it’s a Win/Win for  you with my personal guarantee

Enroll into Build Your Holistic Herbal Practice NOW 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE

 If you’re not completely satisfied with the service you receive, please don’t hesitate to tell me so we can make it right – I personally guarantee 100% money back or I’ll work with you until you are satisfied (I will review the options with you on a case by case basis).

***I offer my personal guarantee that if you’re not fully satisfied with the services granted, you are eligible for 100% of your money back OR I’ll work with you until you are satisfied. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis. To be eligible for this guarantee, Client must be in attendance at every LIVE training session scheduled (weekly x 1 hour calls, refer to class syllabus and live schedule, which may be subject to change based on the schedule and vote of the group).***

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