S05E10 – Creating Systems For High Performing Integrative Pharmacies with Tyson Clarke

Hello beautiful listeners! I’m so excited to share this episode with you diving into the journey of one psychology-majoring basketball player turned-brilliant market researcher turned-pharmacy performance coach. Tyson Clarke has studied the highest performers in several industries to come up with a customized approach to help independent pharmacies to serve their patients’ needs with an integrative approach while creating revenue streams to drive their business forward.

Tyson started his career in elite sport, and was dismayed with how scarce effective training was present in the corporate world.

Through working in Australian community pharmacy, and being more committed to results than positive feedback – he’s created a tool for effective distribution of culturally sensitive intelligence – voiceta. A speech operated platform to train social skills in the same manner an elite athlete would.

He’s currently excited about changing the cultural landscape by helping people tell the truth, and gain communication skills with his extremely effective Assertiveness training.

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