S05E07 – I Don’t Lichen It, I love it! | Holistic Journal Club with Susan Egbert

Join host Jenna Carmichael, PharmD for a discussion on Antimycobacterial activity of acetone extract and isolated metabolites from folklore medicinal lichen Usnea laevis Nyl. against drug-sensitive and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis strains with guest Susan Egbert, PharmD.

Susan (she/her) completed her PharmD at the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM). During school, she realized that there’s still not a lot done on natural products despite a fair number of drugs having natural origins. Currently, Susan is a third year PhD candidate in chemistry at the University of Manitoba (U of M). Her research is focusing on lichens, biosynthesis of their secondary metabolites, and their pharmacological activity.

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Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @lichenlady94
Twitter: @lichenlady94

About today’s host: Dr. Jenna Carmichael of Wobbly Arrow Wellness is a holistic oncology pharmacist and health coach. She works with women on the cancer journey looking for a different perspective on wellness. She combines her knowledge in the oncology space along with holistic healing methods of meditation, reiki, and yoga to help empower her clients to choose the path that works the best for their goals. She also offers genetic testing services to get a true, personalized idea of how her clients process their medications for safe and effective therapy. Go to for more information on her services.

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