S04E20 – Integrative Quantum Healing w/Naturopathic Dr. Elizabeth Bolen

Wow, I can’t believe we’ve made it to the season finale! To close out the season, I connected with a truly magnificent healer and teacher, who shares her wisdom with patients and practitioners alike.

Dr. Elizabeth Bolen, ND, is an adventurous woman who broke free from conventional paradigms in order to liberate a new era in health. Her tenacity keeps her grounded.  Dr. Liz moved to a small town in the Canadian Arctic, pivoted her entire practice virtually, and she continues to build her practice regardless of where her RCMP husband gets posted, all while raising her young child. 

Liz is a truly authentic soul that sees your inner magnificence, and listens to you un-judgmentally while holding sacred space for your transformation. Her ability to lovingly call you out on your BS as she compassionately guides you forward, despite yourself, guarantees your success.

Feeling trapped and a black sheep all her life, Liz fostered her inner resilience by pushing herself to find freedom that allows her to thrive. The poster child for perfectionist and overachiever, Liz has adopted imperfect action, and finds triumph through wielding the magic of being high functioning.

Walking the “alternative” path, she has found her calling in integrative Quantum Healing. She is calling her kin to find their home in their profession of their dreams. Liz is a wonderful guide on the journey of bridging science, medicine, and magic in the field of Quantum Healing.



“Sounds perfect, eh? Well perfect is the ONLY “comfortable” option for a high functioning perfectionist. I grew up pretending that everything was FINE, and accomplishments could cover up the fact I was miserable and constantly blowing up my life.  I used prestige as the illusions to hide a buffet of dysfunction including; chronic illness, drug addictions, physical, mental and psychological abuse. That fosters A LOT of rage and resentment, all which was swept under the rug.  

I became the queen of masking. I sought out elite achievements to cover up the fact I felt unworthy, unlovable and not enough. I felt trapped by the “perfect” life I was creating. I acted the way I thought I should act in every single situation that arose. It was exhausting!!!!

I unconsciously blow up my perfect plan for my perfect life.  I ended up living my adult life backwards. I got knocked up within the first few months of meeting my now husband, had a baby, then got married to an RCMP officer.  I also married into a male oriented culture, where I was expected to be a baby making machine while a stay-at-home mom, with a hobby not a career. Just like my mom. 

Everything I knew how to do wasn’t working for my life. No matter how hard I tried.  I needed new tools and an entire new worldview. I asked the universe for answers, and THEN I asked my old coach for guidance. Unknowingly, I was just sent on a journey of a lifetime. The universe answered, very clearly, when it led me to Dr. Kim Redman, Mystic and Master Trainer. She showed me how to weave the different worlds together. 

I weaved my Doctorate in Naturopathy with my expertise with multiple healing modalities in my trainings. I found my home in Integrative Quantum medicine, where science and spirituality align. Now the CEO and Founder of the Bolen Health Institute, an International Institute, I designate healers in four different professional designations allowing for rapid personal growth and transformation.

After going on my own journey of self-discovery I’m finally on my soul’s mission to transform the wellness industry.” – Dr. Liz 

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