S04E19 – Living on Purpose with No Regrets w/Dr. Richard Harris

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Today I have a real treat in store. There was so much wisdom dropped between the mantras and the exemplary life of the individual I interviewed, that it was hard to choose just one quote for my social media feature!


Dr. Richard E Harris II MD, PharmD, MBA, is a board-certified internal medicine physician and pharmacist.  Dr. Harris attended the University of Texas at Austin for pharmacy school then pursued medical education at the McGovern School of Medicine in Houston.  Dr. Harris is a lifelong learner and completed his MBA at the University of Houston.  


Dr. Harris has a client-centric view focusing on building relationships and trust through a comprehensive lifestyle medicine system. He currently hosts the Strive for Great Health Podcast, has several online wellness courses, and consults for several companies.  He is an avid reader, weight lifter, video game enthusiast, and author in his spare time. Dr. Harris also enjoys sports, traveling, philanthropy, church, and keto donuts. 


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