S04E15 – Writing Your Own Path w/Dr. Frieda Wiley

Hola, I’m back from my first-ever LIVE retreat in Costa Rica! If you’re interested in following my journey please tune into my IG profile @rawfork where I share lots of photos, videos and takeaways from this truly transformative experience.

Now let’s get back to today’s podcast episode! I’m super excited to introduce you to my next guest, with whom I had a blast recording, and was surprised at how many things we connect on!

Dr. Frieda Wiley is a freelance medical and science writer who solves communications problems for my clients one word at a time. She is a licensed pharmacist and former chemist with a rich background of scientific credentials, but is a writer at heart.

Frieda has been writing ever since she can remember, winning awards for her writing since the first grade, and considers herself a writer first and a scientist second.

Interestingly she accidentally “fell” into technical writing after college, while working as a chemist for an aerospace company whose main customer was the United States Navy. In that role, writing typically meant drafting a lab report, drawing up work orders, or tweaking a standard operating procedure. A few years later, her path became clear when she published her first magazine article and some marketing materials while still in pharmacy school.

Today, Frieda draws from her diverse professional experiences in chemistry, the pharmaceutical industry, and pharmacy practice to produce content in plain language as well as in complex jargon for scientific and medical professionals. She enjoys her work deeply and is committed to serve by crafting meaningful content that engages readers.

Connect with Frieda at: