S04E13 – The Importance of Reflection in Healthcare w/Dr. Rajinder Rai

Welcome back to the Holistic Pharmacy Podcast, where we share stories and wisdom. Today I have a guest who was recently featured in Jerrica Dodd’s PharmaSis magazine, and I’m so excited to hear her story live with us!

As a longtime advocate and public speaker for holistic healthcare, Dr.Rajinder Rai is dedicated to educating her clients throughout their journey for optimal health. With years of creating relationships with her clients, she has found a strong need for humanistic approaches to pharmacy and has naturally expanded into functional medicine, a systems biology based approach.    

Dr. Rai is dedicated to providing personalized guidance to uncover the root cause of her clients’ chronic illnesses and creating customized plans for them. Her expertise as a pharmacist allows her to integrate conventional medicine with functional medicine, giving her clients the best solution. She is dedicated to helping her clients to make informed decisions and inspire them to take control of their health. Dr. Rai’s areas of focus are hormonal imbalance, diabetes management, nutrient depletion, stress management, weight management, chronic care as well as overall wellness.  

In addition to running her own pharmacy, she is the founder of SunRaisRx Health & Wellness, a patient-centric lifestyle brand providing personalized health solutions. She is also part of the PharmToTable functional medicine telehealth platform.

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