S04E11 – Igniting Change By Following Your Passions w/Dr. Helen Sairany

I’m deeply honored to introduce today’s guest, but before I do, just a couple of quick announcements. First of all, I conducted my first ever virtual nature walk with Dr. Stephanie Gaglione this past weekend, and we had a blast! I’m preparing for my retreat less than a month away and it feels surreal. And I’m also teaching a six month business-oriented herbalism immersion course, so if any of those sound interesting – follow me on Instagram @rawfork or email me at to be in the know!

Now back to today’s episode! Helen Sairany is the Director of Content Development and Partnership. Dr. Sairany was recently recognized by the Washington Business Journal as “40 Under 40” for her work on combating opioid abuse and misuse nationwide through pharmacist patient care services. Dr. Sairany is a change agent who takes pride in her efforts to serve the needs of underserved and marginalized communities both nationally and internationally.  

Prior to joining APhA, Dr. Sairany served overseas for three years to heal hundreds of displaced refugees at the frontline from Western Syria and Northern Iraq. Dr. Sairany is a first-generation immigrant with English being her fourth language. She serves in numerous boards and committees involved in DEI work. Her greatest passions in life are working with the diverse mix of cultures, people, and traditions who she interacts with. 

Dr. Sairany frequently finds herself outside of the United States, beyond the bounds of the pharmacy profession into the fields of adult education, discrimination, immigration, and worker’s rights.

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Instagram: @dr_sairany