S04E09 – Achieving Perfect Balance Health w/Dr. Nandita Koodie

Welcome back to the show, everyone. I have a very special, vibrant, passionate guest for today’s episode and can’t wait to get started. 

Dr. Nandita Koodie’s experience began as a Medical Records Custodian in 2003 working in a general physician’s office. She explored the pharmaceutical industry working to fabricate nanoparticles as a researcher during her years earning her Doctorate of Pharmacy at Nova Southeastern University. 

Since then, she also worked hands-on with patients and medications through community pharmacies including Walgreens, Publix, and CVS. Dr. Koodie pursued a clinical role as she entered into hospice care space under ProCare pharmacy before gaining additional experience in a position working in Long Term Care at Polaris Pharmacy Services.

Her experiences have made her well-versed in topics surrounding nutrition and chronic disease management of almost every disease state with patients of all ages and various special populations in a multitude of settings. She gained additional knowledge studying abroad in London, France, China, and Japan that has allowed her to share effective herbal therapies that have been successfully utilized for thousands of years.

Her personal experience with gestational diabetes in 2019 led her to passionately pursue the development of the Diabetes Management Telehealth Program (DMTP) as a National Telehealth Network Liaison. She liaises between pharmacies, physicians, third-party payers, and most importantly patients to establish a continuum of care from the physician’s office to the patients’ homes. Dr. Koodie empowers pharmacists and physicians to effectively manage diabetic patients who suffer from obesity in underprivileged areas through education.

In 2020, Dr. Koodie took her experience to Northern California where she currently promotes county and state collaboration of independent pharmacists and physicians. By 2021, she had blazed a trail to bring inpatient remote services to outpatient settings by working to integrate pharmacists into collaborative roles in 10 states.

Dr. Koodie is also an active Independent Community Pharmacist, Life Coach, Entrepreneurship Coach, Educator through the provision of pharmacist refresher courses and CPJE/NAPLEX preparatory courses, Preceptor for Touro University and The University of Kansas, and Biblical Counselor for the promotion of spiritual health in any patient population.

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Instagram: @perfectbalancehealthcare