S03E22 – Merging Disciplines to Break Barriers with Dr. Ifeyinwa Ezeudu

Today, I had the honor of speaking to Dr. Ifeyinwa Ezeudu, a scientist, pharmacist and medical doctor.

Dr. Ezeudu started her journey in Nigeria as a scientist in the laboratory setting, before getting her pharmacy degree in the Philippines. She attended Southwestern University in Cebu, Philippines, as the best graduating student in the entire college of medicine.

She was subsequently offered a scholarship to study medicine. Dr. Ezeudu pursued this opportunity because she had always wanted to be a medical doctor growing up. She leaned into all other courses she had studied to become the best version of a medical doctor she could ever envision.

Dr. Ezeudu currently works as a nutritionist and weight loss expert with her team on the platform Fluxy Weight Management.

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