S03E21 Integrating Scientific Evidence and Holistic Health with Dr. Donna Mazzola

I had a captivating conversation this week with Dr. Donna Mazzola. She shared her unique approach balancing science and natural medicine in light of her personal journey with autoimmune disease.

Dr. Donna Mazzola is a Pharmacist specializing in functional medicine and human nutrition. Dr. Mazzola has worked in many different areas of Pharmacy and realized her true passion was in overall health and wellness.

This passion became an obsession as her learnings conflicted with her core beliefs.  Conventional medicine did not have all the answers, and she recognized the importance of balance with nutrition and medicine through her own struggles with Hashimotos.

She currently runs a blog “DrAutoimmunegirl” to share reputable scientific information related to autoimmune disorders. Dr. Mazzola’s mission is to help others identify the root cause of disease and create the balance between nutrition and medicine.

Dr. Mazzola received a Doctorate of Pharmacy from Ferris State University in 2006, and went on to complete a residency at the Detroit Medical Center.  Through her training she further obtained a board certification in Geriatric Pharmacy.

Additionally, in 2015 she graduated with her Master’s in Business Administration from Central Michigan University.  Recently, in 2020, she graduated from University of Western States with a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

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Instagram: @Drautoimmunegirl
Facebook: @drautoimmunegirl

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