S03E19 – Nurturing Multiple Passions with Integrative Pharmacist Robert Kress

I had a blast recording this latest episode, featuring a multi-passionate pharmacist and entrepreneur, who boldly went after his dreams and never looked back.

Robert Kress, RPh, graduated from Temple University School of Pharmacy in Philadelphia PA in 1994. After becoming disenchanted with the chemical dominant based medical system, Robert took his passion for nutrition and became board certified in clinical nutrition through the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board, as well as trained as a compounding pharmacist through the Professional Compounding Centers of America.

During this time, Robert opened his own compounding and nutritional clinic, which blossomed into a complete longevity clinic housing other integrative practitioners. Robert became certified in Quantum Reflex Analysis, a practice of kinesiology, as well as have trained and certified in other modalities such as Reiki, auricular acupuncture, he is a Primal Health Coach, and a Registered Yoga Teacher.

Currently, Robert consults both with patients to enhance their health through lifestyle medicine as well practitioners to help integrate, promote, and implement natural medicine into their practices. Robert teaches continuing education courses on lifestyle medicine and functional pharmacy which is highlighted by the Integrative Pharmacy Specialist Certification training he created.

Robert believes as pharmacists, we are offered the perfect opportunity to integrate lifestyle medicine and functional pharmacy into our practices, as its core to the history of pharmacy. Patients are looking for natural solutions for their health, while practitioners are looking towards integrative care to help solve their client’s problems and enhance their practices.

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