S03E18 – Overcoming Challenges of Food Allergies and Asthma as a Family with Dr. Charise Barnes

Today I’m super excited to bring on a pharmacist who’s passionate about advocating about what you can do as a family and community to help deal with food sensitivities and allergies. As someone who deals with this on the daily with her own family, she sees just how challenging it is.

Dr. Charise Barnes uses her food allergy experiences with her pharmacy career and entrepreneur interests to help inform her community how to endure restrictions with food allergies, allergies, and asthma.

Her mission is to bring awareness to food allergies, especially since her own son has been allergic to peanuts and treenuts ever since he was a toddler. There are so many nuances to adjusting to caring for your family on the day to day, let alone navigating dining out or traveling with allergies. She is passionate about educating and finding solutions by sharing her own family’s journey.

Dr. Barnes graduated from Mercer University School of Pharmacy and is learning more each day about nutrition and food allergies.

Please connect with Dr. Barnes via:

  • Facebook: Alpha Allergies, LLC
  • Instagram: @alphaallergies
  • Email address:
  • Facebook groups: Allergy Free Adults

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