S03E17 – Finding the Wellness Path with Dr. Esther Onyoni

I’m so honored to have the privilege to sit and talk with such amazing talented, driven and dedicated pharmacists and other practitioners on the show. Today is no exception as I explore the journey of a very mission oriented healthcare professional.

Dr. Esther Onyoni is a pharmacist, a health coach and aspiring functional medicine practitioner. She graduated from UNC Chapel Hill and has been practicing pharmacy for 14 years in the community setting. She became board certified in geriatric pharmacy in 2018.

She trained as a health coach from Health Coach Institute after observing and recognizing the struggle of her patients, especially those with chronic conditions whose health kept deteriorating.

She is currently training as a functional medicine practitioner from Functional Medicine University. Her passion is to bring hope to her patients by teaching them to be active participants in their own health and reduce their pill burden.

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