S03E16 – Lifted From the Scripts with Dr. Maria Glukhovsky

I’m delighted to bring on another wonderful and innovative pharmacist with a huge heart on the show today. We had connected on social media on sharing similar views about the role pharmacists can and should play in the community.

Dr. Maria Glukhovsky has been a pharmacist for the past eleven years, clinical educator across many disease states and a clinical instructor at a Doctor of Pharmacy Program. She taught many diabetes and hypertension seminars to her patients over the years and has discovered everyone needs support and encouragement to succeed in their journey to better health.

Dr. Maria is a prescription monograph reviewer and editor at a top tele-health company, and a contributing author for PACS ( She loves medical writing and contributing to projects that will impact others to make a difference.

Dr. Maria is currently working on publishing a children’s book to promote mental health in children and their self-esteem. She has supported and counseled hundreds of patients on medications used to treat anxiety disorders and many other disorders, including non-pharmacologic interventions that help to aid anxiety symptoms. She prides herself in helping and supporting patients and everyone around her in any way she can and fights to help them in any way she can, whether it is for the cost of their medication or the disease state they are facing.

Due to many stressful situations in her career, she has personally experienced burnout due to everyday job related stress factors. It has become her passion to support, counsel, and provide hope to other healthcare professionals and everyone that may be in a similar situation and promote mental health. The important message she wants everyone to know is to never be afraid or reluctant to ask for help whether it is from family, friends or your medical provider, never lose hope and just know you are one step away from overcoming this.

Dr. Maria’s most recent endeavor is a podcast she founded. Lifted From the Scripts shares her faith to encourage, inspire, motivate and educate other pharmacists through her struggles. The podcast will discuss mental health, faith, encouragement for lifestyle modifications to control chronic disease states and to reignite a passion of how we can persevere and serve others.

Find Dr. Maria using these platforms:

-instagram: @pharmacistwhouplifts

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