S03E14 – Taking Control of Your Own Health with Dr. Marilena Grittani

Today I had the pleasure of hanging out virtually with a person who blew me away with both her passion and wealth of knowledge and experience in the healthcare field. Dr. Marilena Grittani has been a Clinical Pharmacist for over 26 years, practiced in several hospitals and pharmacies throughout 5 states of the US.

But that’s not the thing that makes her the most impressive. How she got her credentials required a lot of work and dedication, as she moved from a different continent and built both a career and a family in a foreign country.

It’s no wonder that her focus now is to empower each female that loves and cares about her family, to make the best-educated medical decisions to improve her family’s health. She has built an entire community around her vision and passion.

Dr. Marilena’s “Legal Drug Dealer” podcast launched earlier this year originally focused on educating the listener about what pharmacists do but quickly evolved to a medical platform for professional providers that want to educate around their areas of expertise and non-traditional medical ways to treat patients.

Since then, the podcast has exposed topics like Children’s medications, Menopause and its treatment with Bioidenticals, How to confront fear about medical issues, How to get your medication approved by your insurance, and What good doctors want all patients to know, among others.

Dr. Marilena’s most recent endeavor was a huge undertaking into a virtual conference called “Taking Control Of My Own Health,” an educational platform led by fellow professional medical experts. This summit allows for the generous sharing of information and wisdom with those that need and want it.

You Can Find Marilena using the Links below:

The Legal Drug Dealer

  • The Legal Drug Dealer Podcast
  • The Legal Drug Dealer Podcast (@thelegaldrugdealerpodcast) Instagram
  • The Legal Drug Dealer Community – Facebook Page
  • The Legal Drug Dealer (TheLegalDrugDealer) on Pinterest

Taking Control Of My Own Health

  • Taking Control of My Own Health Website
  • Taking Control of My Own Health Facebook Group
  • Taking Control Of My Own Health (Takingcontrolofmyownhealth) on Pinterest
  • Marilena Grittani (@takingcontrolofmyownhealth) • Instagram photos and videos

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