S03E13 – Emotional Intelligence and Chinese Medicine with Dr. Allie Xu

I’m very excited to bring my international guest on the show this week as I connect with Dr. Allie Xu. We talk about Eastern and Western modalities, and how pharmacy is conducted down under in Australia – as well as the changing face of pharmacy as implemented by innovative businesses and progressive individuals.

Allie was born and raised in a fourth-generation medical family in Shanghai, China, and moved to Australia when she was 15 years old. She is a community pharmacist and holistic health & life coach specializing in emotion mind-body connection, Emotional Intelligence and women’s health, currently studying Master of Chinese Medicine to learn about Eastern Medicine Philosophy lifestyle and the secret of vitality and longevity.

She is the founder of the Global Pharmacy Entrepreneur Community and the host of Pharmacy Entrepreneur TV and podcast to support Pharmacists from different parts of the world to network and develop entrepreneur mindsets and skills.

She is passionate about showing the connection between emotion, mind and body. She uses Eastern and Western Medicine philosophies and coaching methods to assist her clients to first noticing imbalances and then working to bring the scale to level in order to maintain optimal health and avoid chronic illness—both mental and physical—down the line.

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