S03E11 – One Choice Away from Health w/Financial Pharmacist Dr. Mansi Shah

Mansi Shah B.Pharm, Pharm.D is a Clinical Integrative Pharmacist and Holistic Nutritionist licensed in the state of California and Nevada and Finance specialist licensed with the state of California.

Dr. Mansi has spent crucial years of her life exploring different cultures and traveling to new cities doing adventurous activities and connecting with communities on a spiritual level. Her life experiences are extremely diverse and dynamic. She has a passion for health, wellness, travel, nature and adding immense value to her clients’ lives. Her happiness lies in doing good for the mother earth & giving back to the community.

After studying extensively in the field of medicine her interest gradually geared towards the power of lifestyle medicine, prevention, anti-aging, epigenomics and actually being able to monetize these concepts and having passive incomes. She believes that financial freedom comes from the type of life we create for ourselves and the choices we make.

Dr. Mansi has 11 years of experience in dispensing and functional medicine, consulting patients in lifestyle and drug therapy-management and 1 year experience in Finance investment diversification portfolio. She has a private hedge fund that she manages through diversified growth strategies, offers other tax free retirement options and many other wealth protection services.

She is here to discuss various topics on health, wellness, spiritual entrepreneurship, passive incomes and Financial freedom with the power of shift in mindset. She provides entrepreneurial coaching and systems for anyone who is driven and wants an outstanding platform to be successful in the field of functional medicine and finance world.

Feel free to contact her regarding any inquiry on wellness, preventative medicine integration in your practice and finance entrepreneurial opportunities or investments diversification options. Her life adversities have molded her into a subject matter expert.

“We are what we eat and practice in our day to day life. We are only one choice away from a completely different life.” – Dr. Mansi Shah

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