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My favorite part of HHP was the breakdown of most common herbs used and why, as well as the different types of practices that can be complemented by herbalism. I would 100% recommend this course to others!

Laurie Valencia

Laurie Valencia Schwartz is a visionary Functional Pharmacist, with 20 years of pharmacy experience.  She currently holds the role of Account Manager for L-Nutra offering education and sales for the fasting mimicking diet Prolon.  She is embarking on an entrepreneurial role in establishing a Wellness Center and is CEO of Healthy Aging Rx.  Her vision is to merge standard community pharmacy and create a co-op with like-minded functional practitioners that focus on root causation and minimize pharmaceutical interventions.  She has worked in diverse pharmacy settings including Cancer Center and transplant/specialty pharmacy as well as Community Pharmacy.  Laurie has specialized in establishing positive relationships with physicians, patients, pharmaceutical representatives/manufactures, healthcare organizations and third-party providers.  She has a personal interest in functional wellness with focus on diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes to enhance patient outcomes and attain therapeutic health goals.

Laurie is a certified Lagree instructor and teaches full body workouts on a Mega-reformer.  She is also a fitness advocate practicing yoga, rhythmic cycle, dancing and running.  In her free time, she enjoys snowboarding, hiking, paddle boarding and golfing.  

Laurie holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Touro University as well as a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University Sacramento.  

As a pharmacist, I love empowering others to lead a healthier lifestyle whether inside or outside of the pharmacy. I decided to join The Start your Holistic Herbalism course as a way to share additional information with my clients who have an overactive or painful bladder diagnosis. What I have learned from the course is so much more! I have a renewed appreciation for the human body , pharmacy and a holistic approach to wellness through herbal protocols. This course delivers everything you need to start your own holistic herbalism practice from learning how to balance the body through herbs to the mindset shifts needed to be successful in a practice! I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to branch out of traditional pharmacy into a holistic wellness practice!

Lisa King

Lisa King is a pharmacist of 32 years. She is a life coach and Amazon Best Selling Author of the book she coauthored with her sister, Tiny Life Changes. She is passionate about health and well-being and was recently named Singlecare’s Most Influential Pharmacist of 2020.

She also has a passion for empowering women to gain freedom from bladder issues  and founded . She truly believes you can achieve your goals and dreams one step and one day at a time.  When she is not encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle, she loves spending time with her family! 

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Lisa is a strong advocate of bringing awareness to bladder issues and guest blogs on many platforms and  interviewed on this subject including most recently an interview in 

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