Graduates of Build Your Holistic Herbal Practice

The HHP course gave me a broad knowledge base in the Herbal world. I filed paperwork and purchased webdomains for the business. Finding out people are interested in a pharmacist with herbal knowledge!
Thanks for everything you have done for me! You literally changed my life and I am forever grateful for stumbling into this world! This program ultimately helped me understand pharmaceuticals better too, and why they have the side effects that they do.
I took Dr. Buksov’s herbalism class to expand my knowledge of treatments and approaches to disease and wellness. This class is a great resource for innovative therapies.
All major systems are reviewed, herbal therapeutic interventions, and alternatives that provide specific results are given in HHP for me to be able to use or formulate my own specific blend confidently for almost any ailment.
This course delivers everything you need to start your own holistic herbalism practice from learning how to balance the body through herbs to the mindset shifts needed to be successful in a practice!
My favorite part of HHP was the breakdown of most common herbs used and why, as well as the different types of practices that can be complemented by herbalism. I would 100% recommend this course to others!