Living harmoniously with nature


Dr. Marina Buksov: Holistic Nutritionist Clinical Herbalist

It is time to protect and cherish our Earth, our bodies, our minds, and souls. We can do that by creating a call to action, eradicating current bad practices that are calmly accepted by society, and establishing newer, better, cleaner lifestyles. We can eat real, whole foods, produced by organic farms and humane facilities. We can recycle, reuse and repurpose goods to reduce waste. We can change our consumption of chemically processed food and goods, and instead use clean, natural alternatives. We can invest in renewable energy-source products instead of contributing to pollution and oil drilling.

On this website I share my personal thoughts and ideas on my blog, and recipes for meals as well as cosmetic and home DIY products. I believe it is possible to live authentically, purely and rawly. Will you join me in my mission?

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