Turmeric Fudge

Fudge is the perfect medium in which to “hide” the turmeric – lay it on as thick as possible, and it still tastes great plus has all the benefits! The coconut oil serves as the oil solvent for the lipophilic curcuminoids, and a dash of black pepper to activate the anti-inflammatory goodness.

Schisandra Spiked Sangria

My love for alliteration shows itself once again in this recipe. Schisandra is called the ‘5 flavor berry’ and is a super-herb in Chinese medicine

Holiday Hot Toddy

This recipe is a hit around the holiday season – serve at Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and everything in between to make your winter warm and cozy

Thankful for this cranberry sauce

I made this recipe for Thanksgiving, but it’s an amazing sweet-sour antioxidant and vitamin rich treat all year round! My secret ingredient(s)

Rhubarb Apple Jam

Use as topping for crackers/cookies/cakes/bread or any other way you use jam!

Fruit and Berry Punch

Easy to make, easy on your stomach, delicious and nutritious! Very hydrating to drink all year long, plus the fruit pulp can be eaten or added to desserts afteward

Raw Vegan Rhubarb Strawberry Pie

For the crust, combine ingredients in food processor (I use Ninja). If too dry, add some water and/or some more dates. When the texture is a evenly sticky, it’s ready