Act like everyone’s watching?

(Cue song.)

You know that saying “Dance/Sing/Live like no one’s watching…” –  it’s a nice concept, to encourage living in a carefree way, not looking over one’s shoulder, and just enjoying oneself. However, consider how much of a better person you could be if you did act like someone was watching you. Whether your inspiration comes from your parents/partner/child, or God/universe/your higher self, if you imagined one of these beings watching you – you may just be motivated enough to put your best foot forward.

Think about it: you probably let the worst of you come out when alone or when in an intimate company with people closest to you. Those closest to us are the ones we allow to see us at our worst, because we subconsciously know they’ll forgive us anyway. I can be polite and kind to a total stranger, but downright rude to my own mother, I’m ashamed to say! I let myself get angry at my cats or my fussy baby, and can even raise my voice at them when alone at times, though I’d never do it in front of my family or friends. This is exactly the kinds of actions that made me realize I need to pretend that someone is there, watching. How would I want to be seen?  I want to be seen as kind and compassionate, not impulsive and mean!

This concept also comes into play regarding how we treat our bodies. I’m more likely to binge on food or TV when home alone, then when I have company. Would I really want someone to see me eat an extra helping of dessert or watch a mindless reality show? Most people would give in to their addictions when they feel no one is around to judge them, or when they feel lonely/depressed. Either way, even envisioning a friendly face might help avoid going down this self-destructive path.

Procrastination is another area that needs improvement for most people. Hard homework deadlines and exams kept me focused in school, but in my adult life it’s hard to stay motivated on my own. That’s why mastermind groups are particularly helpful, especially for enterpreneurs. You can share your successes and failures with like-minded individuals and learn from each other. Most importantly, if you know you have to talk about what you did for your business in a meeting, you’re that much more likely to get something done!

Would you want to be seen at your worst or best? If you live as if someone’s holding you accountable for your actions, you’re likely to be at your best.

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