Day 154/365 – On herbal stress busters!

6/3/17 I’m super excited to introduce a brand new workshop I’ll be co-teaching with Carly Wertheim of Carly’s Wellness Kitchen next week! We will be teaching some meditation and breathing techniques to deal with stress, as well as going over dietary and herbal additions to help nourish the adrenal and nervous systems. Finally, we will […]

Day 153/365 – On communication

6/2/17 How can I communicate? How do I communicate my truth so that I’m in alignment with myself while not hurting anyone’s feelings? How can I be direct but kind at the same time? How can I understand others? How can I tune into their pain empathetically without absorbing any of it? How do I […]

Day 152/365 – On nettles

6/1/17 I recently tried an overnight infusion of nettles (Urtica dioica) from a local herbalist’s garden, and was taken aback at the jolt of energy I got from it. In fact, I was a little jittery for a while. It turns out that nettle is so full of nourishing vitamins and minerals, that it can […]

Day 151/365 – On the mundane

5/31/17 Recently I listened to a podcast about our attitude towards doing the ‘mundane’ things in life. You know: washing the dishes, feeding the cat, parking the car…etc. All these things that make up 90% of our lives, without a burning desire for us to do them, but they must be done for life to […]

Day 150/365 – On Thrive movement

5/30/17 Speaking of peace persevering over violence, I have a very interesting documentary to recommend – Thrive. Watch it today! Follow the money: who controls money, controls the world. But we can thrive, if we become conscious of what’s happening and what is possible. Just putting it out there. That’s all for today.

Day 149/365 – On Memorial Day

5/29/17 Memorial Day, for some people, has become just a holiday Monday that you get off work, go to barbeques and buy stuff on sale. But how many of us really commemorate the deeper meaning of the holiday? It honors those who have died serving in our country’s armed forces. And in doing so, it […]

Day 148/365 – On Norway

5/28/17 Besides the experience of staying at the gorgeous Juvet hotel (see last post), there are a number of hikes in the immediate area, and a 10-minute drive away there are amazing viewpoints and a breathtaking winding snake-road at Trollstigen. As is apparently a common sport and pastime, Norwegians were walking up hills with their […]

Day 147/365 – On Juvet hotel

5/27/17 The Juvet hotel , featured in the movie Ex Machina was our final destination after an initial 3-hour delay in JFK, a hectic run-through Oslo airport to make our transfer to Alesund, and a 2 hour car ride to Valldal. Words cannot describe the beauty of the scenery as well as the brilliant architecture […]

Day 146/365 – On international flights

5/26/17 Ah flying. It’s so enticing in theory, but somehow between walking shoe-less and being flagged up and down, examined and felt up, the hype dissipates pretty rapidly. Combined with little legroom and being confined to a chair for hours, between people who will probably be annoyed at you getting up to go to the […]