Day 120/365 – On energetics of water

Water cymatics


Continuing from yesterday’s post on the quality of water, according to Ayurvedic tradition – the energetics of water and other liquids influences the medicinal properties of aqueous preparations. The practice of making ‘rasayana’ by letting water sit in a crystal vessel in the sun- and moonlight seems beautiful and healing, and it’s no wonder it’s meant to balance all 3 doshas! I really want to do sun and moon infusions to add that mystical magical vibration into my medicine. I also have found through personal experience not to ‘vibe’ too well with alcoholic preparations, especially tinctures. It often seems to harsh and tastes too much like vodka to me (which I don’t find pleasing). However, I do like brandy and therefore flower essences are very tasty to me, personally. I have been making vinegars from nutritive herbs, which I like the taste of, and like to add to salads and other foods.

We also need to be mindful about sourcing and quality issues when making and ingesting food and medicine. The GMO nature of glycerin is discouraging, so when called for in recipes, I’ll use it sparingly. (Also, when buying soy products, like candles – I make sure they are not-GMO sourced.)

It’s amazing that just writing down the name of a particular herb has helped people tune into the healing ‘vibes’ – according the herbalist Matthew Wood. That type of energy transference is the ultimate way to attune into our own vibrations and energetics. I feel that flower essences work the same way, and want to explore the vortex qualities and plasma state of water.

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