Day 114/365 – On transportation


There is no winning with transportation methods in NY: train, car, bike, cab…usually result in traffic, frustration, delays, parking issues, and/or lateness. I seem to experience all of these on a regular basis. When I take the train, there are construction issues, sick passengers, or malfunctions that result in delays and changes in routes/services. If I opt for my car, there are construction blocks, detours, traffic jams, and, finally, lack of legal parking spots once I reach my destination (enter street cleaning, hydrants, no standing/parking signs, and 1-hour only meters!). Phew – it’s sure tough to get around in this city!

Just this week trains kept breaking down, or running alternate routes that I just couldn’t wrap my mind around! I left my home early one day to go to an appointment on a Monday. I knew my train line was wonky (D) – going only one direction to Coney Island, where I’d have to transfer to a Manhattan bound one. Instead of going all the way there and making a loop, I thought I’d use a shortcut and walk to the next line around 15 minutes away from me (N line). The first entrance I walked to was closed, under construction. The second wasn’t looking good either – it had all these orange contraptions, blocks, and DO NOT ENTER signs! Luckily, I saw a side door that was open, so I snuck in and ran down to the train station…only to discover that here, too, was a detour for Manhattan bound trains. I got on the ‘Q’ (huh? Where did that come from?) to get to the next available transfer stop, and finally made it to a Manhattan bound train! I was only 10 minutes late in the end, but I had left a good 40 minutes early!

The woes of having a choice in traveling: you always seem to choose wrong!

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