Day 182/365: On giving thanks…and cranberries


Ahh, that season of year again: Thanksgiving just passed and the winter holidays are just around the corner. Christmas music can be heard through doors to any shop or building lobby, especially in fancy Manhattan areas. There are sporadic concerts popping up all over NYC, with Frank Sinatra like singers bellowing some of those famous tunes.

I like the tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving and observing it by aknowledging and voicing what we are grateful for. It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day craziness and life’s little curveballs and stop paying attention to what we already have. When you let go of expectations, you clear space and become open to receiving grace. And then you can truly be grateful for your blessings. This time of year reminds us to set aside a special time and aknowledge all that is already abundant in your life.

I am grateful for my family, for the growing community of like-minded individuals that I’m getting to know, for the teachers I’ve been lucky to learn from, for my opportunity to make choices, for my home, for the ability to put nutritious food on the table and in my tummy.

Speaking of food, my homemade cranberry sauce came out as a big hit on Thanksgiving, so I was asked to share my recipe, which I’m posting here 🙂

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