Holistic Pharmacy Advocate & Herbal Educator

Marina Buksov:

My name is Marina Buksov and I am a licensed pharmacist (PharmD) in the State of NY, a holistic health coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition), and an herbalist (Arbor Vitae).

I use my multidisciplinary background to educate about the least invasive and most natural methods for healing the spirit-body-mind.

My specialty is helping health care professionals self-actualize their healing gifts by incorporating natural and herbal medicine.


I am passionate about health, life, and creating a better tomorrow, which as many proactive people will tell you, starts today. There is no time like the present to start living a raw life - just as nature intended for us!


Going back to basics and connecting to our raw humanity, by trying to live as harmoniously with nature as possible in today's world, is essential for better living.


This program is for medical professionals who want to start a holistic wellness business that incorporates plant medicine. It will give you the basic knowledge and understanding on how to procure and use herbs, how they interact within the body, and how to incorporate them into a holistic wellness routine for yourself and your clients. In addition, it will teach you the steps of setting up your business structure. Gain the confidence and clarity to run it with Holistic Herbal Educator Marina Buksov!



Lee Munoz

I took Dr. Buksov’s herbalism class to expand my knowledge of treatments and approaches to disease and wellness. This class is a great resource for innovative therapies.

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Stacy Young

All major systems are reviewed, herbal therapeutic interventions, and alternatives that provide specific results are given in HHP for me to be able to use or formulate my own specific blend confidently for almost any ailment.

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Lisa King

This course delivers everything you need to start your own holistic herbalism practice from learning how to balance the body through herbs to the mindset shifts needed to be successful in a practice!

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